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Abdelhafidh BRIMA

Dean’s Word

Our faculty was created in 19 mai 2010, It is composed of seven (07) departments divided into two (02) main entities:

            *Three (03) departments are operational in Fesdis (Batna 02 University)

            *Four (04) others are in the ancient university center known as CUB situated in the town center.

Among the basic objectives drawn by the faculty are obviously, to foster the quality of teaching which enables students to acquire a better training which will, forcibly, lead them to future job opportunities and perspectives.

Moreover, the involvement of the faculty’s researcher teachers is highly required and needed. All the research and training units are united to hand more efforts to improve the students’ technological training to gain much more in the advancement of the scientific research.

Finally, we strongly hope and wish that our faculty will be competent and performant

Professor  Abdelhafidh BRIMA

The Dean of the Faculty

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